8oz Coastal Lavender Candle ~ Natural Coconut Wax + Wooden Wick + Essential Oils

8oz Coastal Lavender Candle ~ Natural Coconut Wax + Wooden Wick + Essential Oils

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Our 8oz Coastal Lavender Candle is made with all natural coconut wax which is sustainable, long lasting, and clean burning. This candle is scented with pure essentials oils of soothing Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Cedar and smells just like our favorite lavender patch growing near the eucalyptus and redwood groves along the California coast. This candle comes in a beautiful, reusable 14oz vessel with lid. It is decorated with a tiny seashell from our beach combing finds and real Amethyst. The wood wick gently crackles and casts a soft, warm light around your room when lit, giving your space a cozy, relaxing ambiance :)

  • Scent profile is soothing lavender, uplifting eucalyptus, and woodsy cedar
  • Burn Time = Approximately 40+ hrs
  • Weighs approx. 8 oz

*Please note price is for one 14oz candle.

Tip - For best results, allow the candle to burn for an hour or so the first time you light it to allow a full melt pool of wax all the way to the edge of the vessel. This will prevent wax tunneling and help your candle last longer. Always pinch or trim off the black sooty tip of the wood wick before re-lighting it. Never leave a burning candle unattended or place it near an open window or draft of any kind. 


~ All-Natural and Palm Free ~

Natural Coconut Wax, Essential Oils, Dried Lavender, Amethyst + Love :)

Our candles are clean burning, aromatherapeutic and beautiful. Handmade in small batches from sustainably sourced plant and bees waxes, scented with essential oils, and poured in reusable vessels. We decorate each candle by hand, drawing from our collection of dried botanicals, beach combing finds, gemstones and other beautiful tiny treasures, or hand painting them with natural pigments. We use real wooden wicks in our candles which give a wide, low flame and soft crackle while burning. Each candle is handmade with love and intention, knowing it will end up in your home, inhaling it’s scent.