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Essential Oil Candles
Salt + Clay candles are 100% earth friendly and handcrafted in Marin County, California. We use the highest quality natural ingredients and always take a sustainable approach; combining our practices of Herbalism + Permaculture with a deep respect for the earth and a love for making beautiful, useful products. Our candles are clean burning and aromatherapeutic. Handmade in small batches from sustainably sourced plant and bees waxes, scented with essential oils, and poured in reusable vessels. We decorate each candle by hand, drawing from our collection of dried botanicals, beach combing finds and tiny treasures, or hand painting them with natural pigments. Each candle is handmade with love and intention, knowing it will end up in your home and inhaling it’s scent.
Beautiful. Natural. Handcrafted.
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